American Horror Story: Cult the Final Episode Review

When the trailer for season 7 was first published, I heard a lot of people to say “this looks terrible”. Most of them enjoyed season 5 the most. Again, some of them didn’t even like the Freakshow. It (Freakshow) was the worst season of any show ever. But, my personal view is every season is different and therefore everyone will have different favorite seasons. Never judge a book by its cover.

American Horror Story: Cult
American Horror Story: Cult

At a glance, this season included Trump, comic books, twitter, sibling bonds, and the most horrible clowns. After watching the first episode, it came to my mind that did they run out of new ideas. Maybe they just want more fears into the show to scare people. Someone argued with me at a point that clowns were a huge thing during the election. So, including clowns in this story makes perfect sense and it would not be complete without them.

There is a little controversy, Kai is a Trump supporter. Did you think so? Actually, Kai isn’t. He is only happy about Trump winning because it makes his agenda of fear easier to make real.

The last episode begins with “2018, Maximum security prison, Jackson, Michigan” this part. During the female prison guard and Kai scene, they were interrupted by two other inmates. They asked Kai to take a walk with them.

American Horror Story: Cult Poster
American Horror Story: Cult

When entering the bathroom, Kai politely asks the two inmates if they would like to talk. One of the inmates beats up Kai there. All of a sudden, the second inmate stabs the first inmate in the head. The second inmate then addresses Kai as “Divine Ruler”. Now the interesting part comes. Here, we saw Charles Manson come and he instructs kai to murder the second inmate. And finally, Kai murdered him. Oh! Holy shit!

The second part was a twist. We see Kai speaking to a person called Trevor who comes to Kai for protection and Kai calls him the coward. In the meantime, Kai reveals a truth that he’s recruited 16 men in his 11 months inside and counting. He also says, “While women destroy the world outside, we wait safely for our time to strike”.

Ally tells the Kai that Speed Wagon was a mole. Because he was recording evidence for local police. We see, Ally kills Speed Wagon and tells Kai that she murdered him. Ally consoles Kai for murdering his own sister for nothing and also says, “Be the man that she wanted you to be”.

We also see Kai asks Ally, “Where’re you going”? Ally replies that she is just going to get some snacks. But in the next scene, she goes to FBI van and tells, “Go now”.  This proves that Ally is working with FBI. After this incident Ally reopened the Butchery and its performance was quite impressive. Suddenly, a customer requests Ally to take a picture as she is the most inspiring women as the customer said. But Ally refused to take a picture.

Cult Leader Kai
American Horror Story: Kai

Beverly visits the Butchery. There she and Ally have some conversation. Ally tells Beverly that she (Ally) told FBI the truth and she (Beverly) had no connection with Kai’s cult. Beverly is surprised as Ally wasn’t arrested. Beverly also wants to know if Ally kills Ivy. Beverly mentions, “He says, you did that.”  We can barely say that Beverly is up to something and someone is going to die.

Now Erica comes to the scene. Well, Erica is Ally’s girlfriend. She tells Ally, “We need to finalize Ozzy’s birthday.” Ally asks Beverly to come and Beverly says yes.

All of a sudden Kai phones to Ally and Ally says he is not Ozzy’s father. Then he threatens to kill Ally as soon as he’s free.

Kai kills his new recruiter. You know what? Everyone has a purpose. So, does Kai. His purpose is to escape from the prison and he escapes with the help of lady prison guard.

American Horror Story Cult: Ally

In the next scene, we see, kai points the gun at Ally’s face. But the gun wasn’t loaded. That moment Ally says, “You were wrong. There is something more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man. A nasty woman.” This proves that the prison guard and Ally were working together. Then Beverly shot Kai.

The final scene is, Ally is announced as the new Senator and we see her pull a green velvet hood over the head. She tells Ozzy, “She is going to meet some powerful empowered women.” And that these women will never be like Kai.

Some may think that Ally is a heroine. But she isn’t. She has become the same as Kai. While she sees herself as a heroine, she can’t help but fall back into the power of the cult mind.

I thought AHS was back on track with this season! Quite a low beginning to be honest but after episode 4-5 the ride was amazing. I also thought the criticism (racism, sexism, and politic manipulation) in our society was well handled – said by a fan.

American Horror Story

I truly believe that the Lena Dunham episode was fundamental (but it was a shit) to the plot though, the whole second part of the season was about men vs women. What do you say?

There was no need for some episodes which made this season a quite boring. That’s why I am going to rate it four out of five. Please, do a scale of yours and let me know why.


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  1. Kai is one kind of Joker. Honestly, the starting of this season wasn’t cool. The Final episode was the best ending season ever of AHS.

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