What happens to the last starter Pokemon?

In the Pokemon franchise, choosing a starter Pokemon isn’t usually too hard of a choice. Players are usually introduced to three different types of Pokemon to begin their journey: a fire, grass, and water type Pokemon.

In the Kanto region, most players’ favorite starter Pokemon to choose is Charmander the fire type Pokemon, and the player’s rival usually picks the Pokemon that directly counters the player’s Pokemon choice. Which would be Squirtle, the water type Pokemon; Because water counters fire.

But after both the player and the rival chooses their Pokemon, there is usually still one more unclaimed starter Pokemon left, and in most cases, that happens to be Bulbasaur, the grass type Pokemon. But what does happen to that last unclaimed starter Pokemon.

Check out this cartoon parody that could give an unofficial explanation.

What happens to the LAST starter Pokemon:

So next time you decide to choose the fire type starter Pokemon, or the water type starter Pokemon, stop and think, Bulbasaurs need love too.



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