Interesting Facts About The Hulk

Who is the Hulk?

The first word which came to my mind after hearing the word Hulk was “Smash.” Because the word itself suits the Hulk. He has recently appeared in the movie, Thor: Ragnarok. The fighting scene between Thor and Hulk was funny.

Thor: Ragnarok
Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok

Hulk was first released on 17 June 2003. But unfortunately, the IMDb rating was 5.7/10.

Well, there is worth saying that the first impression is the last impression. But this time it won’t work here. There can be some reasons why the rating is low. I think the only reason people didn’t like Hulk because of the lack of action. They didn’t really want to see any character development or really interesting plot. You can’t even say that CGI was not good. If we compare it with today’s standards, we may get some lacking. But it was good enough. If any of you tell me the scene of Bruce and Talbot’s fighting scene then I must say, the CGI of that particular scene can be considered one of the top ten worst CGI scenes ever.  Another reason, the starting of the Hulk was not eye-catching.

Can you remember the desert scene? How he played with the tanks were cool stuff. Actually, they should have worked with acting, script, and transitions more. What do you say?

bruce's anger
Bruce is transforming to Hulk! Source: Comic Vine

We have seen before that his transformation depends on Bruce’s anger. But in Avenger we saw him telling, “Hulk is always angry.” It is indicating that he has learned to control his power.

Sometimes, I feel funny about the his pants. They are like super pants. I wish I could have them!

You might admit that creating Hulk in the CGI was one of the most complex tasks ILM had ever undertaken at that time. Did you know, for the dogfight scene they used motion capture suits which were given to a trainer and his dog?

From the Incredible Hulk, I loved when he used the police car as boxing gloves. Sometimes, I roar like him when my teacher assigns homework on the weekend. Who was getting goose bumps during the battle of Hulk and Abomination? I liked the “smash” part of this battle.

Sometimes, I feel pity for the poor soldier guys. They were nothing before the Hulk. After firing 100 bullets, I would have said either the gun is not working or I didn’t sign up for this.

Hulk art by Damir G Martin
Hulk fighting with soldiers by Damir G Martin

I always enjoyed the fighting scenery between Thor and Hulk. In the Avenger, he was unable to pick up Thor’s hammer which was the funniest part ever.  I can still remember another fighting scene between him and Loki. Loki was telling Hulk that he is a God. It doesn’t matter if you are a God or not. When you get smashed by the Hulk, you feel pain! I couldn’t stop laughing for a moment when he smashed Loki and said “Puny God.” Actually, the entire movie theater couldn’t stop laughing for a good five minutes. I find even more hilarious Loki was laying there for the rest of the fight. Poor Loki!

The funny thing is in “Thor Ragnarok” He did the same thing to Thor. And Loki was excited and he said: “yes, now you know how it feels like.

Hulk and captain america
Hulk and Captain America Source: DeanWhite – DeviantArt

Can you remember another scene when Hulk punched Thor? The scene was not too much fun but it was epic. Another scene which seemed to me funny was when he Saved Iron Man’s life. He was like a Gorilla here. As usual, He roared and Iron man got back his sense and was telling “please tell me, nobody kissed me.

Maybe He loves to hear the word “Smash.” Because he was smiling when Captain America told him to smash!  The funniest thing I see when he gets angry. When he and Thor were fighting with each other in the Avengers, a plane came to slow down Hulk. The Pilot started to shoot him. But the reaction! The pilot was saying target angry! Target angry! Then He destroyed the plane. I don’t feel pity for the pilot. But I was upset how he destroyed the plane. If I were the pilot, I would have pissed off.

I think no one can beat him. Just take a look at the Hulkbuster. I know he was the Iron Man who used his technology to beat him. Both of them destroyed a whole building. But Tony couldn’t beat him. The destruction was worse than 9/11. Can you imagine the reaction from the men who almost had that building built?

The part when Tony says I’m sorry and instantly gets smashed made me laugh. Again, Tony’s go to sleep, go to sleep part was kind of funny. Can you remember when Tony said I am sorry? Probably, anyone would be scared of Hulk’s killer look.

Did you enjoy when he smashed the Ultron? Aliens yell but he yells louder than them. One Hulk is enough to beat an entire alien army.

Have you watched the Thor: Ragnarok? When Hulk was first introduced Loki was telling “I have to get off this planet.” Loki still remembers the “Puny God.” I was amazed when hearing him talk a full sentence. I have never watched any movie where he could complete a single sentence. Well, it was fun enough. And the moment when he was saying, “No Banner, only Hulk!” I mean Thor did not expect that one.


What do you like most about Hulk? I have told mine in the beginning. Which do you like most? Someone says Norton Hulk is cooler than any of the others. But I like the Avengers one. He is always angry. This is just because of the CGI. Truly, Norton’s design is better.


I wish he had a fight with Superman. Then we could have known his real power. Because someone says his power is limitless when he gets angry.



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