9 Disney movies everyone should watch at least once

Being a YouTube animator, I always have to get in touch with animation. I can’t think anything without animation. Recently, I came to know that the first computer-animated film “Toy Story” was produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. Are you kidding me? I didn’t know this information!

Toy Story
Toy Story: the first computer-animated film

When I started to watch animated movies, I thought how this film was made. In this short life, I have watched a huge number of animated movies. The purpose was to learn something interesting or something new. I didn’t count how many animated movies I have ever watched. But the number is huge.

Beautiful Mulan
Mulan: Isn’t she a beauty?

I first watched Disney’s Mulan which was released in 1998. It’s IMDb rating is 7.6/10. People always love to remember anything first in their life. This is the reason to choose Mulan as my first choice. I can still remember that I watched it with my friend. Mulan was trying her best to be a soldier. As Mulan was female she disguised herself with a male character.

Kung-Fu Panda
My adorable Po in Kung-Fu Panda

I always love pandas. I have a wish to adopt a couple of pandas. They are so cute and adorable. My second most favorite movie is “Kung-Fu Panda”. A panda with Kung-Fu!! Can you even imagine? This is so funny. I enjoyed the first part of Kung-Fu Panda series. Little Po was really cute. This role was played by Jack Black. Whenever I am alone, I try to remember the last scene of Kung-Fu Panda. The fight between Po and Tai Lung was funny. But you have to admire the sense of humor of the directors. And the dialogue! “Awesome.”

Kung-Fu Panda 2 was good. But whenever it comes to a sequel, my expectation was a little bit high than the first one. The main problem with Kung-Fu Panda 2 is that every emotional moment in the movie is always ruined by a poorly placed joke at the end of the moment. Instead of having this problem, I liked the second part. It was fun, enjoyable, comedy, and so on. My rating for second part will be 8.5-8.7/10 but the first one will be 9.5/10.

Poster of finding nemo
Just look at his eyes!

The third one can be “Finding Nemo”. A movie’s main attraction is the story. Because with the most advanced animation technology an expert can do anything that he wants. But a good story tells a lot. Some of you may disagree with me. But someone is always saying, “Who cares?”How to Train Your Dragon

The next one is How to Train Your Dragon. The bonding between “Toothless” and “Hiccup” was eye-catching. I enjoyed it. But the second part is more outstanding. The story of HTTYD was good. The director gave an emotional touch in the last scenario.

Besides, Wall-E, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Toy Story 3 are also good. But not enough good to take a place in my top 5 lists. Well, the above part was for pre-2010. You can also tell me about your first animated movie and the favorite one before 2010.Cover of How to Train Your Dragon 2

After 2010, I’ll give HTTYD 2 the full marks. This is the only film which I can watch over and over from first to last.  The story is good. Moreover, it didn’t ruin the emotional parts. What can be the best part of this movie so far? A reunion of a family or a mother meets with her son after so many years? Anything. The flying scenes are more beautiful than the first one.

Honestly speaking, at first, I didn’t want to watch the first part of HTTYD. Because of the title. But I was wrong. Someone once said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Now, I just can’t wait for the third one. I heard the third part will come in 2019. I think HTTYD series is one of the best work from DreamWorks Animation.

zootopiaAnother lovely movie is Zootopia. IMDb rating is 8 out of 10. I liked the expression of little Bunny. There is a little with this movie about racism. The most epic moment from this movie is the last scene of Sloth. Besides, the first scene with sloth is the funniest movie scene of 2016. This scene completely cracked me up laughing. Even in the theater, the entire crowd roared with laughter.  I guess you can give your friend a challenge of acting the sloth part. 😊

Oh! I forgot to tell. I also loved the song “Try Everything.” Actually, the lyrics are inspiring to try everything. Hey! Sloth is still dancing until today.

In 2013, Brave won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. I don’t know why people didn’t like it much. Honestly, I like Cars 2 more than the Brave. It’s my least favorite Pixar film. One of the movie lovers was saying, “This had potential, but the twist was uninteresting, which says a lot about what it was.  It did not deserve the Oscar.” So, I better keep a distance from my reviews. 😛Frozen poster

In this list, I would like to add Frozen. It’s pretty and gorgeous. I know someone didn’t like Frozen. But it’s enjoyable. I’ll personally give it 7/10. The reason people don’t like it is just because of a weak plot. Again, someone says that it is overrated. But it wasn’t bad also to hate it. I don’t find any particular reason to hate it. Everyone should respect. Constructive criticisms are always welcomed. But people should never do destructive comments.

Beautiful Moana

Another favorite movie is “Moana.” The reasons it attracts me basically are Dwayne Johnson and the Maui. The character of Maui which was done by Dwayne just incredible. Another reason is the soundtrack of this movie. You will find it very nice. The ending was pretty cool. The song “How Far I’ll Go” is still stuck in my head.

After the above discussion, you may have asked me my top 5 favorite animated movies so far. There will be no pre-2010 or post-2010.  Then I must say

  1. How to Train Your Dragon 2
  2. Kung-Fu Panda
  3. Zootopia
  4. Moana
  5. Kung-Fu Panda 2.

Please share your thoughts or your favorite animated movies so far. I have a challenge for you. Write your favorite animated movie name and describe it in three words.


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