Avengers Infinity War: Trailer Analysis

By the time Avengers Infinity War hits theatres next May, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be a decade old. From when Robert Downey Jr first became Tony Stark, the MCU has redefined the blockbuster formula by introducing the idea of a shared universe full of different characters and stories, an approach that has made Marvel billions of dollars. Since Iron Man, only the new instalments of the Star Wars saga have provided any real competition, with DC’s Extended Universe consistently floundering, the Transformers “writing room” disbanding, and Universal’s Dark Universe imploding after one movie. After ten years of team ups, raccoon shaped risks that have paid off, and a consistent villain problem, Infinity War will bring this volume of the MCU to a close.

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Directed by the Russo Brothers, who also directed the last two brilliant Captain America films, Avengers Infinity War finally sees Thanos enter the fray after two brief appearances: the end of The Avengers, and the middle of Guardians of the Galaxy. Played by a heavily mo-capped Josh Brolin, expect a Thanos joke to pop up when Brolin plays Cable in the Deadpool sequel, it looks like Thanos has finally realised that the Infinity Stones have a habit of turning up on Earth, or as in Starlord’s case, around Earthlings. So, he’s finally come to the source to get those sweet jewels for his blinged up glove, known as the Infinity Gauntlet. While this brings together a lot of plot threads from a lot of movies, fans aren’t really focusing on the glove.

No, they want to know where Thanos’ hat has gone. It seems to be all about the accessories with Thanos, considering his penchant for floating chairs and tricked-out hand wear, the hat question feels a lot more relevant than it should. Here’s my theory: it looks like Thanos first appears in Wakanda, Black Panther’s kingdom. We’ve only seen Thanos in space up to this point so, maybe, the African climate is too hot for hats. Still, I doubt that the Avengers care much about Thanos’ bald head, but the internet needs sustenance.


So, what does the Avengers Infinity War trailer tell us about Earths Mightiest Heroes? It looks like Thor and Bruce have been separated since the end of Thor Ragnarok. Bruce haws ended up in New York and been fond by Tony and Doctor Strange. Thor, who we last saw in the Ragnarok post credits scene having his spaceship being taken into a larger one. Many thought that this meant that the Asgardians had been captured by Thanos, but it looks like this is how Thor meets the Guardians of the Galaxy, if the end of the trailer is anything to go by.


The trailer also shows what has became of Steve Rogers, mainly that being a war criminal gives you an excuse to throw out the clean-cut boy scout look and finally grow that beard. We also see Spiderman in an upgraded suit, which is actually not the most exciting thing about Peter Parker’s inclusion here. That goes to the scene that shows the beginnings of Peter’s spider-sense, something that was missing from Homecoming. There are some notable absentees as well, as both Hawkeye and Ant-Man are missing from this trailer.


What’s really exciting is the ways in which Avengers Infinity War will connect to Black Panther. His Majesty is featured prominently, with his solo film coming out before Infinity War, and his scene-stealing appearance in Civil War, it looks like Black Panther is a key figure in the fight against Thanos.


The first trailer for Avengers Infinity War does not disappoint. Filled with all of our favourite characters, bar Ant-Man, and the promise of a formidable villain, Infinity War looks like it’s going to show the Justice League how it’s done once again.





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