Who Breaks Bad: Walter White or Heisenberg?

Breaking Bad is a TV show which was released on 20 January 2008, created by Vince Gilligan. It’s a dark comedy thriller series. The IMDB rating is 9.5 out of 10.


Walter White is a quite nerdy chemistry teacher. At the first episode of season one, in the classroom, he actually says it all about the whole series. What he says:

Walter White breaking bad
Walter White

“Chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change. Let’s think about this: electrons, they change their energy levels. Molecules, they change their bonds. Elements, they combine and change into compounds. Well, that’s all of life. It’s constant, it’s the cycle. It’s solution, dissolution just over & over & over. It is growth, then decay and transformation. It is fascinating really.”

It pretty much sums up all the upcoming life events of Walter White from an average ‘by the book’ family man to become a Drug Kingpin.

It’s one of the greatest series of all time. It has suspense, tension ongoing all over the screen. Its character build-up is so strong that I couldn’t literally blink my eyes while watching this very series. It’s so simple and complicated at the same time that it makes me feel like, it is the real life.

Just when you think it’s all good, all smooth in your life, that’s when the bitter truth strikes.breaking bad

Just as the Walter came to know that he has cancer and probably be dead in like 6 months what he would do. I mean, what you would do. You got a son who is kind of disabled, a daughter to come out to the world and a wife to carry, and you got a not-that-much paying job and of course, the deadly cancer having maximum 6 months to breath. What’d you do?

Well, I don’t know what’d you do, but what I really know is that after watching Breaking Bad you’d definitely do what Walter did knowing the fact that it’s not going to end well, in fact, you’re going to die, I mean what’s more worth than living! But you’ll choose the life of Walter under what circumstances. This series is that much manipulating. It’s surely a success. Manipulating audience to feel that way. It’s amazing.

Walters’ wife’s Skyler, her sisters’ husband is in DEA. One day, Walter came to know through him that one can earn much more money than he can ever dream about by selling drug named as crystal meth.

breaking bad Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman

“What’s up Bitch?”, an iconic dialogue of  Jesse Pinkman, Walters’ former student and to be the partner in cooking and selling meth.

Walter being deprived of life, having cancer, not having much money left for the family let alone for his treatment, he got into cooking myths. He’s got ego problem, he’d rather risk his life collecting money from cooking myths and selling them to dealers than getting help from any others. He asked Pinkman for his help to do this job. Do you guys remember the scene where Walter said to Jesse? It’s one of the mature parts of the series.

“I know the chemistry and you know the business…” , that’s where it all begins. Who’d knew that this quite nerd gentleman will be the king of meth industry!

Walter needs to make roughly about $750,000 before he can retire from the business, they’ve little competition, and it doesn’t look like it will take them long to reach their targets. Of course, what would be the fun of having everything go to plan for them?breaking bad

And then there’s Skyler, Walters’ wife. This very character is so annoying that you’d like to kill her if you could. She has done all the good job she needed to do, for Walter, for the family, but somehow, she didn’t get the empathy at all. On the other hand, Walter is the bad guy here, he cooks drug, kills anyone who comes over his path, but still we like him! Isn’t it ironic? Do know the character Loki from Thor movie? What do you feel for him? Anger or sympathy? Be honest, we all have soft space for Loki in our heart, and just like that we like Walter White even after all the bad deeds he did. I mean, that’s the beauty of this series. No matter what, no matter how bad Walter strikes, you simply can’t hate him.

In the meantime, he shaved off his head, and came to know that his cancer is cured, he no longer needs to do these, but he can’t pull himself out from the mess because it’s a one-way road. If you’re in, you’re in.

One of my favorite quote of Walter White aka Heisenberg:

“-Say my name.


-You’re goddamn right.”

He began to grow an alter ego in him which he cannot deny. It’s Heisenberg. The cold-blooded murderer, intelligent version of good old Walter.

Here’s another powerful quote:

“I am not in danger Skyler, I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, you think that of me? No, I am the one who knocks!”breaking_bad

I got attached to these characters in such a way, I found myself going back for more.

Among all these nail-biting moments and suspension, there are plenty of humor out there. Such as the lawyer Saul Goodman, Gus Fring.

Some would say it’s the greatest TV show ever made, well, they’re not wrong. It changed my perspective on life and gave me five seasons of drama and suspense and even humor. The characters are some of the greatest we’ve ever seen, and I believe that Walter is the most well written, perfectly portrayed and most compelling fictional character ever created. breaking-bad-all-characters

Walter White seems to be the average guy who just goes through life because it is the thing to do. Wake up, go to a job you hate, back home, eat. You hate it, but you push it somewhere where you never have to face it. But you do it because everyone does. Because that’s what society, school, and the media told you. It’s how you should live your life and die.

The difference became clear when White learned he had Cancer. All of his fear was gone then, he had nothing to lose. He was just a guy with not much time left. I think he did what he did just to be in control of his life. For once, it was his choice. He did not care anymore. His life was actually exciting. Sure, he became a monster for many people but he didn’t care. He actually died happy which is something a lot of people won’t get in their lifetime. Most people just fade away.


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