Batman controversies you probably didn’t know

Batman aka The Dark Knight is also known as The Cape Crusader. He is more than just a fictional superhero character. He is more likely a phenomenal detective who knows everything about everyone in Gotham City. Batman started to protect his Gotham City since 1939 when our world was facing WW2 (the most outrageous war in history). The Dark Knight is doing the job for 78 years with a great success. In fact, 78 years is a huge period of time to produce too many controversial events. Don’t you think so?

Evolution of Batman
Evolution of Batman by Pachu

After seeing the headline, most of you are heading towards the lower part of this post. And I’m confident enough to say, you are self-questioning “what else remains unknown about Batman, Hah?

Let’s see whether we can amaze you guys or not.

Creator who never been mentioned during his lifetime

Bob Kane and Bill Finger
Bill Finger and

Batman came to the market in 1939 but until 1989 no one knew that there was another person who designed The Cape Crusader except Bob Kane. His name is Bill Finger. He helped to finalize Batman’s looks such as adding the cowl, the cape, the black motif and also developed villains like Riddler five. Batman’s sidekick Robin was also his idea. The name Bruce Wayne and Gotham City was his creation as well. Despite this entire significant contributions, original credited creator Bob Kane never disclose Bill’s name until in an interview in 1989. Nevertheless, Bill Finger was not powerfully credited until 2015 in the comics Batman and Robin #3 and Batman Arkham knight Genesis #3. The credit was finally read as “Batman created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger” after 41 years of Bill’s dead. R.I.P, Mr. Bill Finger.

Master Vinci, the co-designer of Batman

Flying machine model. Source: Assassin’s Creed Wiki – Fandom

Who would have guessed that the actual design of Batman’s Cape was done almost 500 years ago? Does it sound weird? Literally, the design of The Cape Crusader’s Cape was actually based on several sketches of the Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. Bob and Bil designed the cape based on a Vinci’s masterpiece sketch of the flying machine Ornithopter.

Money is the Actual Superpower

batman cartoonOne of the most endearing fact Batman is that he is not really a superhero. He fights criminals and brings justice to Gotham City without any miraculous superpower. Actually, he became a superhero by costing tons of money. According to Forbes, the net worth of Bruce Wayne is approximately $7 billion. And according to the book Batman Unauthorized, It will cost $300 million to be Batman. In which, it cost $3.5 million for the Batcave $2 million for Batmobile. So, theoretically, anyone with tons of money can be Batman.

Name that contains Greatness

Anthony Wayne and Robert Bruce
Anthony Wayne and Robert Bruce

The real-life name of Batman is Bruce Wayne, everybody knows that. But the most interesting fact is that name was not selected randomly like other names. He was named after two great personalities of all time. The first part Bruce was named after Robert Bruce, the Scottish national hero and the part Wayne derived from Mad Anthony Wayne, the hero of the American Revolution

Startup Grotesque Costume

Bat costume evaluation
Bat costume evaluation
First batman costume
First Batman costume

Can you remember that ridiculous costume George Clooney wore as Batman? Which had nipples on it? We not focusing on that either. The original costume design was way more different. The Certain stuff of his costume changed over the years. The first painted Batman was a blond guy who wore a black underwear and yellow belt on his red trousers. He also used to wore a simple mask (pretty much a glasses frame) just over the eyes and pure Bat wings on his back.  Sorry to make a mess of your all-time favorite darkish and gorgeous The Dark Knight costume.

The Cape Crusader was born with Killer Instinctbatman killing Flash

We all know that Batman is the coolest superhero among all other superheroes available. Of course, we are saying it according to his no killing attitude. He is the ultimate protector who used to fight his enemies and capture them, then handover them to the cops. But that scenario was not the same we used to see now. In some early editions of comic canon, The Cape Crusader used to carry guns to kill enemies. The Dark Knight would frequently hurl gangsters off rooftops, push them into vats of acid, and even hang from the Batplane. But the portrayal of this type of Batman started to soften in the 1940s after the introduction of Robin. Whitney Ellsworth, the editor of DC Comics, made a rule of no killing and no guns for Batman. That’s how today’s Batman was born.

Combined character

Combination of Batman. Source: darknight7

Although The Cape Crusader is the phenomenal superhero of all time, his superheroic character was not born from a solo idea. Actually, Batman is more likely a combined character. According to the creators, the idea of Batman is a combination of the other character. Those characters are Zorro, Sharlok, and Dracula.

Accused as homosexual

Batman and Robin. Source:

I think that sounds damn horrific. Conventionally, we used to know The Dark Knight as a multi-billionaire lady killer superhero. He dates almost over 20 damn smart and sexy ladies in his entire comics and on-screen career. But the harsh truth is Batman and Robin’s relationship was famously critiqued in psychologist Fredrick Workman’s book Seduction of the Innocent back in 1954. According to his media causes violence theory, he felt children would try to emulate the crimes which they saw in comic books. He also felt that Batman comic had overtones between Batman and Robin due to scenes where two could be seen waking up in a bed together. That is totally ridiculous! Is it also homosexual to go parent’s bed after having a nightmare, Mr. Fredrick?

Fans cause Robins death

Death of Robin
Death of Robin

The second incarnation of Batman’s sidekick Robin was Jason Todd. In 1988 DC allowed the fans to decide on the fate of Jason Todd as Robin in “The Death in the Family” storyline. The previous issue had ended up with Robin tied up in a warehouse and fans were given the option to vote whether he should live or die. The result was pretty close. Fans, who want him to die won by only 72 votes and causes a horrific death of Robin in Joker’s hand.

Hey buddies, we are not done yet. As we said at the top, The Dark Knight spent too many years to produce enough controversial matters. So, don’t get frustrated at the ending point of your scrolling. We are heading to another part to finish it off.


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