16 interesting facts about Far Cry: Primal

Why would you want to play the game?

Have you ever heard of Noah’s ark? 10000 BC, God chose to destroy the Earth with a great flood but spared one man, Noah, and his family. On God’s command, Noah built a huge boat, an ark, and filled it with two of every animal. The story of Far Cry Primal of Ubisoft is from long before that time!Far Cry Primal cover

Men weren’t civilized at that time. They hunted down wild animals to survive. We’re talking about the time when men just discovered how to make fire from stones.

Did you ever wish to go back to past and experience the facts for yourself? Well, then Far Cry Primal is the right game to wish for.

Our infinity times great-grandparents were there at that time and they survived. How did they live? If you want to experience those features, you are to play this game.

Remember the fighting scene from ‘The Revenant’ between DiCaprio and beer? Do you want to feel the way that DiCaprio felt? Play the game and find the excitement.

If nature is your favorite and if you’re into haunting and crafting weapons, this is the game you want to play. The more you upgrade, the easier and more fun to kill animals and enemies.Far Cry Primal nature

Think of it as the movie ‘The Revenant’, except no guns, just bow and spear.

Did you ever feel tired of guns and grenades, blasting things for just pleasure and all the heavy-weight bullet thrower machine-guns? Then you should play Far Cry Primal.

Why is it different from other Far Cry games?

The Far Cry series is the most diverse and refreshing content with the same smooth and comfortable gameplay.Far Cry Primal Wallpaper

I simply enjoyed playing Far Cry Primal. I always wanted real stone-age game placed in the past with mammoths, sabretooths, and other animals. The thing is, it is put little further where it didn’t have dinosaurs.

Actually, it is put when dinosaur age times died before 10000 BC. I liked taming animals, riding mammoths and sabretooths, fighting against them.

  • Far Cry 1: Monsters rampage from secret lab experiments.
  • Far Cry 2: Africa, animals, weapon jamming, fire, driving.
  • Far Cry 3: A Crazy guy on an island, spirits, the bad guys that ruin the island, capture outposts.
  • Far Cry 4: A Crazy guy, spirits, the bad guys that ruin the whole place, we fight for good, such spirits, capture outposts.
  • Far Cry Primal: Caveman, animals, the bad tribe that ruins the whole place, we fight for good, capture outposts.

The game gives satisfying ending, not endings like in Far Cry 3 and 4 where you have decisions to choose and get unsuspected scenes.

Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3
Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3. Source: Game Art HQ

Such as when Ajay choose which one to kill and other to torture and when Jason choose happy/bad ending, it leaves just credits rolling without being on the boat looking at the sun or at the island in character’s perspective view.

If Vaas was saved for the end of Far Cry 3 storyline, then it would be interesting. But Hoyt wasn’t interesting to me at all like Vaas and Pagan Min. No back-stories, nothing. But this Far Cry Primal is an absolute package with every single thing included that you could ever wish.

Did you ever have interest in ancient history? Then, it’s just what you need. I mean, it’s always easier to learn from playing a game than reading history books.

What is the storyline?

For the storyline, I’ll give you a little hint. Two guys left in an encampment, me and my rare black lion waiting behind a hut. My lion tags them so that I can see their movements. Then I aim my bow and order my lion to maul one of the guys and as he runs around the corner. To do my bidding I pop out of cover and split the last man’s head open with a well-placed arrow. Then after much ‘pet beast,’ we set off into the wild.Far Cry Primal

It’s pretty amazing game.

The way they have the story makes sense. It’s realistic. They were primitive; just surviving.

fcp_weapon-beehivebombIn Far Cry Primal guns are gone, and a new bunch of weapons and tools are about to enclosed. This adds some great variety to the series. One can throw ‘Stinger Bombs’ that are actually beehive grenades. One can also light up arrows and clubs on fire.

Moreover, a lit club can be served as a torch and a way to scare of wolves. It increases fire damage while landing a strike on an enemy.

But the best part comes when you play the role as Beast Master. You tame beasts and they give you an upper hand in the time of fighting and hunting. They make you more powerful ever than an ordinary warrior.

Even just taming beasts is a lot of fun.

Exploring the world from 10K BC, taming wild beasts, riding giant wooly mammoths, gigantic prehistoric eagles and bashing it out in a combat are the things that helped Far Cry Primal to be unique and extraordinary game ever.far_cry_primal_wallpaper

The beautiful graphics and open world of constant danger to get lost in are one of the strong sides of the game along with gathering for resources/upgrades, and good combat as well. I think one of the things that’ll allow you to enjoy this game is that you’ll like the simplicity of a cave man trying to survive with the most primitive of weapons, and using whatever you can get your hands on for resources.

There are 6 main missions and a number of side missions and quests that you’ll find addicting like ‘Path to Oros’, ‘Beast Master’, ‘Attack of the Udam’, ‘Vision of Ice’, ‘Deep Wounds’, ‘The Bone Cave’, ‘Vision of Fire’, ‘Temple of Batari’ etc.

Can’t help mentioning that the great hunt missions are just awesome!takkar_far_cry_primal

You play as Takkar, an alpha male hunter in the Wenja tribe. Your role is to build up your village, established in a province called Oros, by helping out the local Wenja tribes. He used his abilities to defeat his enemies and rose to become the leader of his tribe.batari

Batari, a cunning manipulator, is one of the two main villains of this game.  At one-point Batari captures Takkar and forces him to play by herself but Takkar refuses to accept and then Batari takes a vow to kill Takkar and the story goes on.

Some critics have said that Far Cry Primal lacks a story but that’s entirely wrong. The story is the Wenja’s development; a retelling of human survival that manipulates the player to act like an early human.

Here’s a funny little experience from a gamer :

“A particular moment that stands out for me in Primal was in the early game before I even unlocked the beast master skills. When approaching a bonfire I’d marked on my map I came across a brown bear and being the first one I’d seen decided to try and fill him with more holes than Swiss cheese. 10 seconds later I was running away from an angry Mr. Snuggles with enough arrows in him to resemble a parallel universe Sonic the Hedgehog, in my blurred panic I ran straight through the bonfire I’d been searching for leaving 3 angry confused cavemen staring at me for a whole half second before Mr. Snuggles gave one a lovely struggle cuddle.

I have not hunted a single bear since.”

Interesting Facts about Far Cry Primal

  • Great and beautiful environmental setting, especially the woodland and snow land setting.
  • Quite funny ‘Eagle Spotting System’
  • The Stone Age is divided into two parts the Old and New Stone age. The Old Stone Age is the one we will be seeing in Far Cry Primal
  • Using of ‘Hunter Vision’ will allow you to see tracks and other special things that showed up in red or yellow.
  • You’ll find paintings of a bird all over the world in Far Cry Primal.
  • You can ride saber-tooth tigers.
  • Child taming a bear is a most likely direct reference to jungle book.
  • Creative Director of this game has previously worked in ‘Prince of Persia’ series.
  • Amazing ‘Taming System’
  • Oros is dotted with ancient standing stones. They’re called ‘menhirs’. They look ridiculously same like standing stone circle from in Britain.
  • The cannibal Udam are actually Neanderthals.
  • The action takes place in Romania, in the Carpathians!
  • Bee-bombs are funny!
  • Owl-bombing is one of a new perspective on gaming era.
  • No multi-player.
  • You can’t buy weapons.

You’re fighting with sticks and stones, a bow and an arrow, fire, animals. Say goodbye to happily blow everything up, say hello to strategy!


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