8 Questions we have after Watching Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

Star Wars Episode VII The Last Jedi is the most talked about film of the year. Like the previous Star Wars films of the renewed franchise juggernaut: The Force Awakens and Rogue One, The Last Jedi has been met with widespread critical acclaim but it’s far from perfect. With the promise of answers to burning franchise questions, and a bold new direction for the Saga, which was certainly delivered, there are parts of The Last Jedi that are a little too vague. So, let’s get super-critical with the 8 questions I have after watching The Last Jedi. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?


One of the characteristics of The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson’s films is his ability to play with audience expectations. One of the biggest questions left over from The Force Awakens was, who is Supreme Leader Snoke. He’s clearly set up as the Emperor of this set of films, but his burnt façade and tell-tale head scar had fans wondering if we had seen him before. The Last Jedi doesn’t even try to answer this question. In a way, Snoke’s identity isn’t that important, and his death at the hands of Kylo Ren enforces the films themes pf cleaning the slate. It would still be cool to know ehre he came from.

Why didn’t Poe recognise Vice Admiral Holdo?


The easy answer to this is because it’s a good gag. Poe thinks he’s about to take command then BAM! Laura Dern on the intercept. Still, as a major part of the Resistance, and a former mentee of Leia, its strange that Poe wouldn’t know who she is.

So, Leia can survive the vacuum of Space


In one of the biggest WHAT moments of 2017, General Leia Organa, to use her proper title, managed to survive getting blown out of a spaceship, then fly through space and back to safety. I personally loved this crazy, controversial moment, as it finally gave Leia a chance to use the Force. Yet there is no evidence, at least in the films, that someone can use the Force to survive in space. It’s obviously Johnson’s own tweak to the spectacularly vague power that runs throughout this universe, and this isn’t his only addition to The Last Jedi. There is also the issue of Carrie Fisher’s death, and the fact that Leia is still alive when the credits roll. What will her role be on Episode IX

How can Luke project himself across space?


Again, this is the Force, and The Last Jedi seeds this power by the connection that Snoke opens up between Rey and Kylo Ren, and also that he can make General Hux faceplant while a mere hologram. This is another of The Last Jedi’s tweaks to the Force, but it does, as any new rule in an old franchise, make us question why now one has used them before.

Why don’t all Stormtroopers have Phasma’s armour?


The Last Jedi saw the return of fan favourite Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie. During a fight with Finn and Rose, Phasma’s armour shields her from a laser blast. Which begs the question: if the First Order are supper-rich, can’t they equip all stormtroopers with Phasma’s armour? Considering that stormtroopers armour is comically useless, and has been since 1977, this sounds like a sound investment to me.

Why was Benicio Del Toro in jail if he could break out at any time?


Let’s be honest: Finn and Rose’s sub-plot on the gambling planet was a weak point in The Last Jedi, and Benicio Del Toro’s untrustworthy DJ was nothing more than a stutter with good hair, that Finn and Rose just happed to meet in jail. Except DJ could escape from this jail at any time, so why didn’t he? Maybe he wanted a nap, or maybe Rian Johnson couldn’t be as bothered with this character and plot as he was with the rest.

Where are the Knights of Ren?


It’s been two films now and still no appearance of the Knights of Ren. I know Kylo Ren has been busy defining a new type of cinematic villainy but still, they sound cool as hell. Hopefully, with Ren’s new position of power, the Knights will make an appearance in Episode IX.

Will Luke make an appearance as a Force Ghost?


After some Galaxy class showboating, Luke died at the end of The Last Jedi after bringing hope back to the Resistance. He was given some sage advice from Yoda, who appeared as a Force ghost which begs the question: will Luke continue to mentor Rey as a Force ghost himself? There is evidence that this could be the case, didn’t Obi Wan Kenobi do the same for Luke. Either way, we better get more Mark Hamill in the future.



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