Top 10 Worst TV Shows of 2017


  1. The Walking Dead


Trying to repair the damage of the ghoulish and boring seventh season proved to be an impossible job for The Walking Dead. Instead the show leaned into all of its worst characteristics and added a few new ones just to make sure it was nothing like the show we used to love.

  1. Doctor Who


Despite Peter Capaldi’s brilliant Christmas exit from Doctor Who, his last full season was one of the worst in the show’s history. Much like Matt Smith and David Tennent, Capaldi was saddled with the worst stories of his run as the Doctor in his final season. There was a bright side in the form of Pearl Mackie as Bill, but season ten is what happens when a show, and a showrunner (Steven Moffat) run out of ideas. Bring on Jodie.

  1. Young Sheldon


In better hands this show could be a slam dunk. One of The Big Bang Theory’s best veins of comedy were the allusions to Sheldon’s by genius childhood, so a spin off makes total sense. Iain Armitage, who was also a standout in Big Little Lies, is great as the titular character, but nothing else in Young Sheldon pops. A totally uninspired comedy.

  1. The Defenders


I was pumped for this, we all were, but instead of a proper team-up of Marvel’s street-level heroes, we got a sequel to the worst parts of the entire franchise: the Electra plot from Daredevil, and all of Iron Fist. The Defenders isn’t a total disaster, Jessica and Luke are on fine form, and it does set up interesting things for the future of the four standalone shows, but all in all, it was a bit dull.

  1. Sherlock


It’s no mean feat when a season of television is so bad that it retroactively makes you question the quality of all that comes before it. That’s what Sherlock season four managed as the ridiculous reveal that if it wasn’t Moriarty that was behind everything, as usual, then it was Sherlock’s long-lost sister, who he forgot about, along with a friend his memory turned into a dog. Need I say more?

  1. The Inhumans


Honestly, I would be surprised if anyone reading this would be familiar with the Inhumans. Sure, there is a core fanbase for their comic-book counterparts, but the show has been plagued with problems for so long that most fan where savvy enough to give this dud a miss.

  1. Preacher


The unreached potential of this show defies belief. Season two of Preacher promised to unleash Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy on a madcap road trip adventure. It did, for all of three episodes, as the rest of the season saw each character avoid each other in the confines of a New Orleans apartment. Pointless, meandering, and it tried to humanise Hitler. Preacher does not have the skill to humanise Hitler.

  1. 13 Reasons Why


It’s truly amazing how a show that is supposed to be about depression, suicide, and a constructive conversation about mental health, could be so misguided in its execution. 13 Reasons Why quickly squandered much of its goodwill as viewers turned off for their own safety. Instead of being a hard-hitting, topical drama, 13 Reasons Why would work better as a mean-spirited spoof of this type of show. Bad, but no worse than it already is.

  1. Gypsy


Naomi Watts is a fantastic actress, and Gypsy is so thoroughly beneath her talents that it’s almost farcical. This supposedly sexy drama, focused on Watts as a sex therapist that gets to close to her clients. Neither sexy or dramatic, Gypsy works better as a cold shower.

  1. Iron Fist


While it’s easy to make Finn Jones performance as Danny Rand, also known only to himself as the Immortal Iron Fist, the focus of this Fist bashing, he was given nothing of real substance to work with. Iron Fist was a sloppy, rushed, and awkward show that spelled the end of the critical hot streak the Marvel Netflix shows enjoyed up until that point. A silly villain, not enough story, and some insulting characterisation are merely the surface level of this steaming pile.


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