10 Netflix shows to watch in February 2018

With the last month of winter under way here are 10 of the newest movies and TV shows added to Netflix this month.



Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece mob movie follows the Ray Liotta as Henry Hill as he becomes a gangster alongside his psychotic best friend Tommy, an Oscar-winning Joe Pesci, and his mentor Jimmy, played by Robert De Niro. It’s the perfect time to give Goodfellas a re-watch as Netflix are producing Scorsese and De Niro’s next collaboration, entitled The Irishman, later this year.

The Oceans Trilogy

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The pinnacle of 21st century heist movies, Steven Soderberg’s trilogy is the best franchise at getting handsome well-dressed superstars to steal from a less famous, less well-dressed villain. While Oceans Eleven is the best of the bunch, the other two have their charms, just try to ignore Don Cheadle’s English accent.

The Ritual

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This low-budget horror may feel like Blair Witch with better camera work, and a winningly British sense of humour, because that is exactly what it is. Starring Rafe Spall in a role of a guy that is slightly less stupid than the guy he played in Prometheus, The Ritual is a surprisingly effective, chilling wilderness horror.

The Cloverfield Paradox


As my review states, The Cloverfield Paradox fails at being a film, but that’s exactly why you should watch it. After seeing this rip-off of every space set horror movie, it’s easier to decide whether Cloverfield ever worked as a franchise, or if it should quit while it’s down.

The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale


Community’s Joel McHale is back for a show that sounds just like The Soup, but with Netflix money. Sounds great as far as I’m concerned as McHale joins his Community co-stars Alison Brie (GLOW) and Gillian Jacobs (Love) in Netflix’s stable.

Men in Black


One of the best science fiction blockbusters of all time, Men in Black finds stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones at the top of their game as Agent’s who keep the existence of aliens a secret from the rest of the planet. It’s amazing how weird this movie is, especially Vincent D’Onofrio turn as a huge bug in a human suit. I dare you not to hum the theme song for days afterward.



With Daniel Day-Lewis announcing that Phantom Thread will be his last film (we’ve heard that before Daniel) it’s the perfect time to revisit Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, for which Day-Lewis won his third Best Actor Oscar. One of Steven Spielberg’s best late career films, Lincoln dramatises the President’s efforts to abolish slavery, all the way up to his untimely death by assassination.




Duncan Jones, the director of sci-fi favourites Moon and Source Code, really needs a win after his attempt to start a Warcraft franchise died a slow death. For his next film Mute, which goes straight to Netflix at the end of the month, Jones has played to his strengths, as Alexander Skarsgård plays a mute bartender trying to find his missing girlfriend in futuristic Berlin.

The Hurt Locker


The first of Kathryn Bigelow’s USA trilogy, preceding Zero Dark Thirty and last year’s Detroit, The Hurt Locker follows Jeremy Renner as a bomb disposal expert during the Iraq war. Not only did the film introduce Renner to a wider audience, it also bagged Bigelow an Academy Award for Best Director: the first, and only woman to receive the award.

Altered Carbon Season 1

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Netflix’s challenger to Westworld, this science fiction show focuses on a dystopian future in which the rich can download their consciousness into new bodies, meaning they can live forever. Starring Suicide Squads Joel Kinnaman (wait, come back!) alongside Martha Higareda, and James Purefoy, Altered Carbon promises stunning visuals, and all of the murder and sex that its adult content will allow.


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